Jarrett Cruz, MSc


Jarrett joined Bugware in August 2015 and is currently working on his Ph.D in geology at Florida State University. During his M.Sc thesis, he studied biological transport and the ecology of living nannoplankton in northeastern Gulf of Mexico. Over the past year he has been working on samples from IODP Expedition 354 obtained from drilling in the Bengal Fan where he sailed into the Indian Ocean. Currently working on nannofossil biostratigraphy and paleoenvironment of Cenozoic sediments.

Current studies will aid in the exploration of interactions between the development of the Himalayan and Tibetan orogeny, the Indian-Eurasia collision, and the early stages of Himalayan erosion as well as obtaining a record of climate change throughout the history of the middle Bengal Fan region.

Since 2012 Jarrett has participated in six offshore research expeditions and traveled to many local and international conferences to present his findings. He has also served as the social media officer for the International Nannoplankton Association from Fall of 2013 to present.


Cruz. J., Agbali. A., Avery. A., Wise. S.W. 2013. Presence of specific calcareous nannoplankton assemblages along the NE Florida continental margin: a look at loop current shedding and the Desoto Canyon funnel effect. INA14 abstracts volume Journal of Nannoplankton Research. 33:42

Cruz. J., Wise. S.W., Young. J.R. 2014. First observation of Navilithus altivelum in the Gulf of Mexico. Journal of Nannoplankton Research. 34:27-30.

Richard W. Jordan, Kenta Abe, Jarrett Cruz, Ruth Eriksen, Catarina Guerreiro, Kyoko Hagino, Mikal Heldal, David U. Hernandez-Becerril, Elisa Malinverno, Shiro Nishida, Shramik M. Patil, Luka Supraha, Helge A. Thomsen, Maria V. Triantaphyllou, Jeremy R. Young. (Publication in review- 2016) Observations on the morphological diversity and distribution of two siliceous nannoplankton genera, Hyalolithus and Petasaria.

France-Lanord, C., Spiess, V., Klaus, A., and the Expedition 354 Scientists, 2015. Bengal Fan: Neogene and late Paleogene record of Himalayan orogeny and climate: a transect across the Middle Bengal Fan. International Ocean Discovery Program Preliminary Report, 354. http://dx.doi.org/10.14379/iodp.pr.354.2015

Professional Affiliations and Awards

2013 Fall-Present : Social Media Officer. International Nannoplankton Association.

2013 Fall-2014 Spring : Grant from Deep-C Gulf Of Mexico project.

2015 Fall: Grant from International Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 354-Bengal Fan.

2015 October 28: Bios publication from the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative : http://gulfresearchinitiative.org/grad-student-cruz-bridges-disciplines-to-track-tiniest-planktons-response-to-oil-spill/